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T. styles bio

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Styles is the award-winning CEO of The Cartel Publications - an international, independent publishing house. She also owns Cartel Urban Cinema, an independent film production company. To date T. Styles has written over 100 original novels under various pen names. Her novels have been published under her own house as well as Kensington and St. Martins. 


Her screenplay “Concrete Beach”, reached the final round for the Academy Nicholl Fellowship, a screenwriting competition, hosted by The Academy Of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences (Oscars). In addition, her other screenplay “Blurred”, reached the top 15%, validating what her fans already know...that T. Styles knows the art of storytelling. 


Styles’ publishing house, The Cartel Publications, is the face of today's urban fiction and street fiction industries. In both the digital and print world, the Cartel represents the best her generation has to offer in African American literature. She has aptly been dubbed "Urban Fiction Empress" and "Literary Master".


Styles is multifaceted and facilitates her popular seminar "How To Write A Novel In 30 Days", using her non-fiction novel of the same title. Styles consults authors and publishing houses on what it takes to achieve success and longevity in the book industry, using the Cartel as a guide.


She has been featured in The Washington Post, The Baltimore Sun, Essence Magazine, Don Diva Magazine, Oprah Winfrey's Network and Urban Book Source. She has been awarded Author of The Year by AAMBC and was voted Most Underrated Author by The Urban Book Source.


When not writing, Toy produces independent movies. Her first feature is titled, ‘PITBULLS IN A SKIRT’ with ‘MOTHER MONSTER (Raunchy), ‘THE WORST OF US 1 & 2', IT’LL COST YOU, 'BMORE CHICKS 1 & 2 and her latest film masterpiece, 'I'M HOME'. All of her movies can be seen on several streaming apps including, but not limited to, TUBI. 

Banner 2013.jpeg
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