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There comes a time in every industry when a company enters into it, propelling the enterprise forward. This usually inspires an evolution. It is sometimes said that the heads of these companies, the masterminds, have creative instinct. Others belittle this aptitude by calling it timing. Some believe it to be all of the above, and in the end, only those who have a firm pulse on their market possess staying power. The Cartel Publications is that company.

They have been repeatedly ranked with urban publishers that have come before them and they accept this honor wholeheartedly. In business for over 15 years, The Cartel Publications has managed to secure a solid position within the hip/hop literary industry. Recognizing their readers enjoy being entertained both literally and visually; they pride themselves in marketing their novels and company image to effortlessly stand out above the rest.  Their novels have been featured in Don Diva Magazine, Essence Magazine, The Baltimore Sun, Washington Paper, and many others. They have made their presence felt, and spectators say it is just the beginning.

Their recipe of gritty novels, bullhorn-like titles and award winning book covers has made them a force to be reckoned with. In addition, their breathtaking website has garnered major attention which assists in their consistent growth. On the site ( vendors and readers are able to purchase their titles.

They have been known as the interactive publisher but they are not interested in tags. They are interested in the spirit of the stories, which accurately depict urban life and must stay true to individuals who both appreciate and relate to the themes.

They know their market. They are not only publishers. They are not just authors. They are the voice of a generation, which desires nothing more than to have their voice heard. Finally they have a representative. They are street lit!

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