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Claire Dixon is a confused girl, from a ritzy suburb in Maryland, who has sex with Vyce Charles, a drug dealer, and gets pregnant. 

Bobbi Gannon is a loud mouthed girl from a Baltimore, MD project, who is also impregnated by Vyce, due to having raw sex.

When both Claire and Bobbi announce they are pregnant by Vyce at the same time, he takes the risky advice from his best friend Whiz to move them both into his home, in lieu of hefty child support payments.

As expected the young women bicker, fight and do all they can to win Vyce's affections, including signing their names on contracts and putting their lives on the line as inexperienced drug mules.

Young & Dumb is an explosive drama with heavy twists and wild turns! A must read for urban fiction lovers!

Young & Dumb by Duck Sanchez

  • ISBN: 978-0984993093
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