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She was his 'special girl' until she stole from him. 

All of Paige Lewis' life she adapts her personality to fit the 'man of the moment', who takes power over her soul. When her last boyfriend impregnates her, resulting in twins, she realizes her sons' may grow up just as evil and flees.

Stuffed in a one room rental with her kids, the 26-year-old does what she can to make ends meet, including stuffing her pockets with more than just tips. Losing it all, Paige finds herself into the arms of a sadistic abuser who beats her for sexual arousal. She escapes again but vows to take control of her life, including her new man, 28 year-old playboy, Push.

These days Paige is different and her love does not come without a warning.

You Kissed Me, Now I Own You, is ALL Drama and No Cliffhangers! Enjoy!

You Kissed Me, Now I Own You by Sante' Porter

  • ISBN: 978-0996209984
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