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Kaneesha and her boyfriend Jarvis find themselves struggling to care for themselves and their eight year old son. But after being forced out of a their home due to a foreclosure that their slumlord failed to tell them about, they end up in a small project called The Heights . 

Trying to fit in, they accept an offer from their first floor neighbors to go to their home. Once they enter the filthy, funky apartment, they want to leave but to avoid being rude decide to stay. That is until Kaneesha mistakenly ingests a roach after being offered a drink from a dirty cup. The couple flees immediately and it doesn't take long before they discover that trifling neighbors are the least of their concerns.

After a few puff...puff...pulls, they lose their jobs, possessions and self respect. Their relationship crumbles when Jarvis leaves Kaneesha and his son all alone. In the hood, misery loves company so Kaneesha befriends Reds, a neighbor hood pregnant crack queen. Now she learns the ropes on how to use her body to feed her habit. Things go terribly wrong when Red leads Kaneesha to a hotel party to score drugs in exchange for sex, a decision she ll regret. Will the dangerous move cause Kaneesha to trade a life of peril to be the mother she always knew she could be? Or will she surrender to its power and seduction?

Year of the Crack Mom is a brilliant debut novel, based on true events, that deals with the power of the human spirit to live against all odds.

Year of the Crackmom by VJ Gotastory

  • ISBN: 978-0982391310
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