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Dane and Tex Blake are brothers who share everything, including their love for weed, and their piety for crime. 

For money and fun, they rob the homes of customers who drop their dogs off at the boarding business they work for, knowing they won't be home to report the crime for days. But when Dane is given an unexpected opportunity to escape his bipolar mother and hot-headed brother, he battles with whether to accept it or not.

Upon hearing the news that his big brother may be leaving him, Tex blows up and immediately blames Asia, the love of Dane's life, for tearing them apart. Out of guilt Dane agrees to do one last heist with Tex, so that he and his mother would be financially secure before he leaves them.

But when the victim of their heist misses her flight and is home at the time of the robbery, things heat up, especially when they discover that she's the mother of Mercury, a well known drug kingpin.

Before long everything goes haywire. Dane's future is on the line and secrets from the past threaten the brothers' bond.

Wake & Bake Boys by Marlo Baltimore

  • ISBN: 978-0984993086
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