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When Angela Law is murdered by a corrupted DC police officer, because she concealed a pregnancy by him, which he didn't want, her three younger sisters witness the entire crime.
Each of them internalize the violence in different ways.

Years later Jazzy Law, now the oldest, finds herself in a tough position as the sole provider for her two sisters, Nandi and Love. This thankless job is difficult for many reasons. First, her younger sister Nandi, suffers from asthma and panic attacks, which causes her to require expensive care. And since Nandi is afraid of the world after witnessing Angela's death, she avoids human contact with everyone outside of her immediate family.

The second reason for Jazzy's dismay, is because of her other sister, Love. For reasons only Love knows, she holds a grudge against Jazzy that dates back to before Angela was killed. To make matters worse, as the bills mount up and their apartment is condemned, Jazzy is forced to accept an unconventional offer from her best friend.

For $500, her best friend wants Jazzy to collect sperm from an NBA draft pick, so that she can trap him into a pregnancy, thereby ensuring her financial destiny. When Jazzy is successful, a similar request crosses her path. The only problem is, Killion is unlike the meek basketball player she trapped before. He's a murderous drug dealer with a temper and the ability to kill everybody Jazzy holds dearly, including her beloved sisters.

What will Jazzy do?

Upscale Kittens: The Complete Series by Candee

  • ISBN: 978-0984303052
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