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(ISBN 978-1948373470)



**Truce 3 picks up from the novel, AN ACE AND WALID VERY, VERY BAD CHRISTMAS**


In Truce 3, everything changes…


After Ace Wales has what could only be described as a mental breakdown, he is taken away for evaluation. Besides, the violence he displayed worries not only his family, but also child protective services.


His removal from his home, means that Banks Wales and Mason Louisville are forced to rehash their dark history, a past not entirely clear to Banks, who still suffers memory loss.


Forced to meet with a psychiatrist to discuss Ace’s care plan, Banks, Mason and Jersey succeed at not only making the doctor feel that returning Ace to their custody will be detrimental to his health but also to his life.


But what about the dark elements that are surrounding the old friends? Who, due to their hate for one another, don’t see them coming?


What about the rage that rises in both of them, which reignites the disdain they felt for one another that brought on the original war?


Lies, betrayal, fury, sex and madness flood the pages of this novel.


And in the end, nothing can be the same.


Because nothing is the same.

Truce 3: Sins of The Fathers (War 11) by T. Styles

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