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(ISBN - ‎ 978-1948373838)




After being heartbroken by Cage, Angelina & her Collection, The Linas, build an alliance with The Minks, the female Wolves led by Flow’s ex-girlfriend, that will prove to be deadly.

To deal with the public blood feasts that The Linas and The Minks are creating, Cage must enlist the help of his Frenemy, Onion. This task proves more challenging than Cage realizes because although Onion needs Cage’s help against Angelina too, it’s not his sole focus. Onion still has his eyes on the bigger prize, Angelina herself.

As Cage tries to navigate his way as the Vampire King by leading The Collective, he suffers bumps in the road from not only The Elders and his family, but also an unrevealed source that could change everything.

Treason 3 hits hard. Get ready for a dark twisted ride.

Treason 3 by T. Styles

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