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Sometimes the guilty are the ones we least expect. 

Jada, Lace, and Angel are on trial facing life in prison. In their minds they know they're guilty. But in all their years in the Game, they thought they'd covered their tracks.

So where did they go wrong? Which scam or dirty deed was left uncovered? Who dropped the ball? Did someone see the murders? They went from running small time scams with big pay offs to becoming Philadelphia's notorious Queen Pens for millions.

Go on trial with the Unusual Suspects as they discover the true meaning of friendship, loyalty, trust and betrayal. If money is the root to all evil, what happens when greed is added to that equation?

Money made them ruthless. The choice to commit crime made them gangsters. Hate them or love them. Either way, they don't care.

The Unusual Suspects by Tiona Dawkins

  • ISBN: 978-0982391334
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