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What would cause a mother to contact a hitman to kill her own children? Some ungrateful bastards. 

When Martha’s husband dies horrifically, she is forced to care for Zoom, Berry and Dodson alone. And although she does all she can to manage their lives, she grows more unstable by the day.

When three unrelated incidents occur, she snaps and loses touch with reality. Sensing that his mother is on the brink of a mental breakdown, Zoom, the oldest of the Bastards, does all he can to control his outrageously trouble prone siblings. That is until secrets of the past impact his future.

Funny…traumatic and suspenseful, this original storyline is classic T. Styles (Black & Ugly, A Hustler's Son) and bound to entertain loyal Twisted Babies everywhere!

The Ungrateful Bastards by T. Styles

  • ISBN - 978-0989084536
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