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(ISBN: 978-1948373081)




Reggie and Amina should feel riddled with guilt about creeping behind their spouse’s backs but they play this secret close. And even though Russo and Tamika have their suspicions that they’re cheating, they haven’t let the cat out the bag. 

Eventually all will be revealed but not before Tamika decides she wants a little payback and sets out to devise a devious plan. Russo assists her financially, but he makes clear that he wants nothing to do with her actions and decides to remove himself and his daughter from the equation. However, that doesn’t stop all hell from breaking loose. 

With the explosive drama surrounding them, will Reggie and Amina keep up their forbidden affair or will it prove to be more trouble then its worth? 

‘The House That Crack Built 4’ delivers the drama and craziness that THTCB fans have grown to love!

The House That Crack Built 4 by Kim Medina

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