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Skeezers what happens when the movie THE PLAYERS CLUB meets CINDERELLA? 

After a tragic accident, Spyrella Combs dream of being a dancer is thwarted. In a web of depression, food becomes her sanctuary and she finds herself playing maid to her physically fit cousins. But not for long.

A successful stripper, Carlita Fields is being forced to choose between her man who prefers his women submissive and her over bearing cousin Monique who believes blood is thicker than wet kisses.

Monique Redfield is the headliner at Club Skeezers and the self-professed boss over her cousins Spyrella and Carlita. Reeling in thousands of dollars a night, she has it all except what she really desires. The love of her best friend...Poe. After plotting and scheming Monique's wishes come true. That is until a long lost blood relative returns with a new body and moves that threaten more than her position at the strip club.

Skeezers is all drama! No Cliffhangers!

Skeezers by Shay Hunter

  • ISBN: 978-0989790123
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