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New Strippers! More Problems! 

After Poe gifts Skeezers to Levine out of guilt she quickly learns that running a business and sliding down a pole are polar opposites.

When she becomes financially in over her head, and at risk of losing the club, she turns to the one man everybody with financial trouble does, dope man, Jameson “Killer” Floyd. Unable to repay her debt she makes him partner and he quickly muscles his way into the operation.

Stripper Cupid Sampson is in love. She’ll do anything for her man, even if he doesn’t belong to her. Sneaky from the gate, she makes serial moves to become his number one but it backfires in a major way.

Catalina “Sprinkles” Santana is the new headliner at Skeezers. Together with her best friend Cupid, she reels in the big bucks. Besides, being Killer’s girlfriend has its perks since he is part owner. If only she could lessen his sexual appetite for other women she would be happily ever after.

When Sprinkles confides in Cupid about a big secret, one that threatens her life and relationship, the drama in the club hits the fan as the two go at each other’s throats for blood.

Skeezers 2 brings everything its predecessor offered and more!

Skeezers 2 By Shay Hunter

  • ISBN: 978-1945240003
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