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Evil breeds evil. 

After Kerrick Khumalo's wife is murdered in their home, he migrates from Africa to America for better opportunities. But his thick accent and dark skin makes him unaccepted.

Unable to find legal employment, he discovers that the drug trade can be a lucrative business for the man who is willing to do anything, including kill. Self-possessed he quickly rises to the top and becomes the most fearful man in Baltimore. Desiring it all, he marries a woman who gives him many children and now he has a clan of his own.

In the country illegally, he changes his last name to Prophet and adopts rigid beliefs and customs. Soon he develops a seething hate toward Americans and believes his bloodline should remain pure. So he encourages his children to breed amongst themselves.

Year after year he controls his family with an iron fist and they all fear him. That is until Nine is born. Forced to live secluded in the Prophet mansion, her future appears doomed. Besides, her mother s mental condition makes her a bad parent and her father is too concerned with his wife. Amazingly she finds strength and love from an unlikely source, the family s drunken maid.

After awhile she proves to be far more intelligent than Kerrick's other offspring and this makes her both seductive and dangerous.

Silence Of The Nine is Flowers In The Attic meets The Coldest Winter Ever.

Prepare yourself for a dark ride.

Silence of The Nine by T. Styles

  • ISBN: 978-0989084581
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