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No longer a prisoner under the stairs, Nine Prophet attempts to fashion the perfect lifestyle to the world—a loving wife, a devoted husband, a well-mannered baby and a beautiful home. The trouble is in reality she’s married to her cousin, has a nephew for a son and is hosting Noel and Samantha’s wedding, who happen to be brother and sister.

Only a year since she’s been free, she quickly learns that the incestuous rituals bestowed upon the family by the patriarch Kerrick Prophet were the least of their troubles.

Jealousy, lies, curses and even revenge run rampant as Nine struggles with reality while still clinging to the tales of the Roman stories she was accustomed to during her darkest days.

Still, she holds onto the hope that their family will endure but she forgot about one loose end— her bitter cousin Alice.

Silence of the Nine 2 holds no punches. It delves deep into a taboo world that may offend some but entertain all.

Be warned.

Silence of The Nine 2 by T. Styles

  • ISBN: 978-0996099257
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