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When Yvonna decides to take revenge on the organization which sold her into sexual slavery, resulting in a lifelong battle with a mental illness, she enlists her boyfriend Bricks, her best friend Ming, and her arch-rival Swoopes.

The plan sounded like a good idea until she realizes their personalities clash harder than a drunk driver with his eyes closed.

As the mission continues, Yvonna's rapidly deteriorating health threatens success. Will she complete what she set out to achieve, or turn against the people who swore to help her? Does she make it out alive? Or will she finally succumb to death?

For the first time in the HISTORY of urban fiction, the choice is yours. Choose wisely as this is, Shyt List 5: The Finale.

Shyt List 5 by Reign (T. Styles)

  • ISBN: 978-0984993000
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