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Once again, Yvonna Harris, D.C.'s favorite villainess has returned! 

But is she cured or still the same girl that has been causing destruction and reeking havoc on all those who cross her list.

Recently being released from the mental institution which held her captive for years, Yvonna returns home with one goal in mind. To take care of her precious daughter, Delilah and be the mother she herself never had. But the moment she touches down, she comes face to face with old skeletons. Skeletons who want their own revenge and nothing short of Yvonna's life will suffice.

Realizing she's done too much to hide, she seeks out the help of an old friend, Bricks. She quickly finds out that there's no escape when everywhere you look, death stares you down.

Shyt List 3 is sure to satisfy your every twisted need. It has the same humor, intensity, violence, sex and anticipation that you have grown to love.

As always, read at your own risk!

Shyt List 3 by Reign (T. Styles)

  • ISBN: 978-0982391389
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