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The Beautiful Ones Always Smash The Picture. 

Kiante wants a paid hustler for her man, friends, and a pretty face. Instead she's used for her body, has one friend and is considered unattractive. It doesn't help that her best friend Marissa's sister Lucia, has all of the things she wants and more.

Marissa's boyfriend is paid, fine and he adores her. She's the leader of a crew called, The Strawberry Cuties who on command, would do anything she asks, including kill. And, has a body and face that's fitting of a video model. Kiante looks up to Lucia obsessively but she doesn't notice. Wanting to fit in, Kiante devises a plan she believes will work and it includes creating a fake boyfriend who loves her, although no one ever meets him. But when Lucia finds out, in the presence of many, she plays an evil prank on her. Suddenly the life Kiante wants becomes clear. The only problem is, the life she wants is not her own.

Reversed is the scandalous story of what happens when you wish for another's life so much that you move the universe to steal it. But as far as Lucia's concerned, it won't be without a deadly fight.

Reversed by Gina West

  • ISBN: 978-0982391365
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