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ISBN: 9780996209922

Redbone 3 by T. Styles

  • Can I Make You Famous?

    The secret is out and the world knows that Farah Cotton was responsible for killing her soul mate’s brother. In fear for her life, she must remain off the streets of DC or suffer an evil fate. Luckily Slade, who vows to avenge Knox’s death, is tucked away in a cell, although his imprisonment does nothing for her broken heart. Desperate for protection, Farah, Mia and Shadow take solace with Bones, 2nd in command of The Fold, a group of modern day vampires.

    When her blood craving increases she makes risky moves to quench her thirst. For months she successfully avoids capture while waiting for the day the Bakers will abandon the quest and withdraw from DC.

    It never happens.

    Surmising the plan to snuff Farah out is weakening, Audio, the youngest of the Bakers, becomes unglued. Refusing to sit idly by he moves solo, making a brash decision that causes a domino effect of consequences, which will ruin many lives.

    Just when your pressure settles you’re struck with a revelation that will challenge everything you believe.

    Prepare Vamp Lovers…you’re in for a bloody ride.
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