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(ISBN - 978-1948373906)




This is a prequel to the Raunchy series.

Raunchy: The Monsters Who Raised Harmony delves into the twisted world of the notorious monster, Harmony Phillips.

But where did the seed of her malevolence truly begin?

Follow the shocking journey of Shirley, Harmony's grandmother, as she is torn from her family and raised by her captors in a world of darkness and madness. With each passing day, Shirley’s grip on reality slips further as she falls under the influence of her unstable captor.

But when she becomes pregnant with Estelle, by the man she works for, the legacy of evil takes root.

Uncover the secrets of the past and brace yourself for the shocking truth behind the birth of a monster. It will leave you questioning the meaning of motherly love and the dark forces that shape our destiny.

Raunchy: The Monsters Who Raised Harmony by T. Styles (Raunchy series book 6)

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