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The Pretty Kings are back!

After offing Mitch, the Plug, the Kennedy family must deal with the consequence and it has a name…the billionaire Abd Al-Qadir.

Using bombs, gunfire and murder at his disposal, Al-Qadir is threatening to bring down the Kennedy Kings if Mitch doesn’t surface in ten days. After losing Noah and Camp while battling the Russians, the Kennedy’s can’t bear another casualty and so they retreat into hiding for protection and come up with a plan.

And that’s where the trouble begins...

Inside a self-imposed prison, within the compound, Race discovers the steamy affair between Ramirez and Scarlett, which sends her on a mission of revenge. Secrets come to surface and blood flows as they breakdown from the inside.

Before long it becomes evident that the real danger is amongst themselves as they face the question…can their family survive?

Pretty Kings 4 By T. Styles

  • PRETTY KINGS 4 - (ISBN 978-1945240027)
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