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(ISBN 978-1945240256)




Nobody sleeps until Law Hightower is six feet deep. 

All Kanati Dawson wanted was to work for the boss and then go home to be with the love of his life, Sunni Hamden. 

And then his patience was tested in one major act of disrespect. 

The moment Law saw Kanati's girl he knew he had to have her. Being a man who is accustomed to getting what he wants, Law plotted to steal her away despite his closest comrade's advice. 

"Leave her alone. Kanati feels like trouble." 

If only Law listened. 

After going across the country to steal Kanati's girl in the middle of the night, Law unknowingly brought hell like he never imagined back to his hometown. 

Before long blood pours and bodies drop as Kanati and his villains descend on Baltimore with one objective in mind...revenge.

Villains: It's Savage Season by T. Styles

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