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(ISBN 978-1948373357)



Be careful what you wish for never rang truer…


After years of plotting, Mason Louisville finally has what he always wanted. Upon selling Blaire Petit into believing that she was his wife post her brain injury, he expects things to be smooth. But the more Blaire becomes accustomed to their lives together, the more she starts to feel like something is wrong.


In walks Jersey Louisville, whose sole purpose is to make Mason’s life a living hell while also seducing Blaire into remembering her life as Banks. She uses one weapon to reach her goal, her body.


As Blaire and Mason’s worlds begin to unravel, it soon becomes clear that the twins, Ace and Walid, are also bringing the drama inside the Louisville Estate.


Unlearn all you think you know about your favorite characters and prepare for a hell of a twist.


Truce 2 (War 9) by T. Styles

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