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(ISBN 978-1948373364)




Who are the new neighbors down the block?

Cage Stryker, young and impressionable, is bored with life. Craving adventure, he gets trouble instead when JoJo, the new neighbor, sets her sights on him.

Luckily for Cage, he misses her trap when he meets Onion and Angelina. Although mysterious and somewhat untrustworthy, the duo becomes a staple in his life which makes them inseparable. Despite a jealous love triangle forming.

When the neighbor lays a trap Cage can’t resist, he accepts which throws his world out of control.

Suddenly one bad decision follows the next, causing Cage to grow up quick or die soon to save the ones he loves.

Treason hits hard while taking all prisoners! A new era of storytelling begins.

Even diehard T. Styles fans won’t be mentally prepared for this tale!

Treason by T. Styles

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