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(ISBN 978-1948373784)




Control Your Urges, Control The Flesh, is easier said than done….

Born with the Vampiric gene, after Cage Stryker is tricked into taking The Fluid, which does nothing but awaken his blood lust, he tries to maintain life as usual.

But what about his jealous wife Angelina and reckless Wolf siblings, Flow and Bloom?

Unaware of the danger closing in, Cage attempts to step up to the throne to run The Collective. But first he needs to create his own vampire collection which includes the seductive Helena. But her introduction into Cage’s world infuriates his wife, who plays a dangerous game between two enemies who were once friends.

The pressure is applied when Flow who hates Cage’s guts entertains adversaries while Bloom, begins to crave vampires.

With Onion who is dead set on revenge and getting back the woman he loves hovering in the darkness, it appears that Cage is out of his league.

In the end, who can Cage trust?

Treason 2 goes deeper into the secret world that will inevitably lead to a blood and flesh war.

Treason 2 by T. Styles

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