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(ISBN 978-1948373920)




In the gritty follow-up to the War Saga, Walid Wales gets a cryptic call that sends him deep into the treacherous underbelly of Belize. His entire family’s held hostage, and the architect of this nefarious plan is none other than his own twin, Ace Wales, a loose cannon who’s hellbent on stealing their billionaire father’s empire.


Ace, in cahoots with his girlfriend Arbella and his manipulative mother-in-law, Faye, orchestrates a billion-dollar heist, intending to bleed his father’s accounts dry. No witnesses can be left behind when all is said and done, and blood ties ain’t worth a damn.


Drama unfolds as Blakeslee Wales spins a seductive web, ensnaring Mason Louisville right where she wants him - between her sheets. Meanwhile, Minnesota, Joey, and Spacey Wales face a bitter reckoning that gives the same energy of their wicked great-grandmother.


This high-stakes journey is set against the backdrop of private jets, elite country clubs, and opulent resorts. But the Wales and Louisville family wouldn’t know because Ace confined them to personal hells of their own. Secrets will be laid bare, loyalties put to the test, and surprising bonds forged in the fires of betrayal.


Brace yourself for this riveting saga where twin is pitted against twin, while also knowing that in this unforgiving game, not everyone gets out alive.

The Gods of Everything Else 4 (War 16 ) by T. Styes

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