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ISBN - 978-1948373852


The 15th book in the WAR/TRUCE saga.




Revenge is given life when egos prefer war…

After successfully fleeing Mexico, Ace “Cabello” Wales makes it back to the States for two reasons. First, to reunite with the love of his life, Arbella. And secondly to make his father, Banks Wales, pay for selling him into slavery.

Since the details of Ace’s insidious plan are sealed, we get glimpses of the treachery he has in store after he visits Aliyah, his twin brother’s baby mother, and Sydney, the mother of a disowned Wales’ child who happens to be his son.

Back on Wales Island, on the outskirts of Belize, Mason Louisville tries to convince his lifelong friend that Ace will eventually visit them for blood. Instead of heeding his warning, Banks continues to stack billions and grows so narcissistic that he can’t see what was once a fairytale is now becoming a nightmare.

Things are compounded when Blakeslee develops an unnatural attraction to Mason which could possibly destroy both families forever.

The Gods Of Everything Else 3, pulls us back into the family drama we can’t escape with an ending that will blow your mind!

The Gods of Everything Else 3 (War 15) by T. Styles

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