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(ISBN 978-1948373944)


In, “An Ugly Girl's Diary 3”, we delve back into the life of Courtney Martin, a bold podcast host who’s suddenly caught up in a scary situation when she gets a creepy message live on air, saying that her end is near.

Courtney’s life turns upside down as she tries to figure out who’s after her, with danger hiding around every corner. She’s not alone though – her brother Posea, cousin Yo-Yo, new friend Sakura, loyal engineer Adrienne, and her boyfriend Plazo are all by her side.

As Courtney digs deeper, she discovers that her past mistakes and current threats are all connected. It’s a race against time as she tries to solve the mystery, facing danger at every turn. Things get even more intense when her son’s safety is on the line. This book is all about suspense, secrets, and the lengths we go to for the ones we love.

An Ugly Girl's Diary 3 by T. Styles

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