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Based in Delaware, Young, Beautiful and Naive can all be used to describe, Nyse who is tired of being overlooked due to living in her sister, the self proclaimed, Queen Kats shadow. And like a moth to a flame burnt by desire, she's immediately drawn to Spinx, a neighborhood drug dealer, and the one man her sister warns her against. 

At the age of twelve, she eventually gets noticed by Spinx, despite every chick in Serenity Hills wanting him. Luckily for, Nyse he has a thing for young girls even though he makes her wait. On her sixteenth birthday he showers her with gifts and opens her to a whole new world down The Hill. Taking her heart and body, Spinx eventually shows her the man he really is. Not ready for a dose of the real world, his unfaithfulness causes her to turn bitter and conniving.

Eventually this Venomous Vixen tears anything and everyone apart who poses a threat. And before anyone realizes it, she causes more drama in the lives of her friends and family than can be repaired.

That girl is, Poison!

Poison by K.D. Harris

  • ISBN: 978-0979493133
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