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The chicks you love to hate are back! 

After witnessing the vicious murder of her beloved sister, the infamous "Queen Kat", Nyse, vows to bring demise to the culprit responsible for her slaying. Which is none other than Fatal. Just as Nyse begins to put her plans into motion, she receives yet another slap to the face when she finds out that her family has teamed up with Eliza Gibbs, to take the only person she has left out of her life, her newborn son.

Feeling abandoned and alone, Nyse calls up a few old friends for reinforcement to set things in order..."Nyse Style". When things get out of hand, Nyse finds herself fighting for survival in a place she never would expect, her own home.

On the other hand, her rival Fatal, finds herself facing demons from her past, and begins to question her life style. And then, an old friend that she would have loved to forget re-enters her life in need of a favor. Before long, Fatal finds herself head first into drama only this time the stakes are higher. And if she s not careful she may suffer the fate she has delivered to others!

A must read, Poison 2 ends with nothing less than a heart pounding standing ovation!!

Poison 2 by K.D. Harris

  • ISBN: 978-0982391303
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