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If you make it through the gates which house Emerald City, one of D.C.'s deadliest projects, you'll run into four women with colorful ski coats and designer jeans. And if you don't belong, you'll quickly find out what they have nestled inside the Marc Jacob or Louis Vuitton purses they keep closely to them. 

These females aren't just pretty faces. They were taken out of their beds and placed on the throne by the hustler's they loved. Their only request was that the Emerald City squad remain true. But when Thick, the self proclaimed leader of the clique decides to bring an outside chick into the picture, to floss using the money their girlfriends earned, the security of the operation is jeopardized, sides are chosen and all hell breaks loose.

Immediately the EC Squad decides to remove the gang-stresses from power to prevent their emotions from interfering with business. But it s easier said than done and their ungratefulness only insights their fury.

Once they shared their beds together, now they fight a war against one another for the ownership of a million dollar empire.

Four women against their ex men. Who will reign supreme? The men who taught them everything they knew about the game? Or the Pitbulls In A Skirt?

Pitbulls In A Skirt by Mikal Malone

  • ISBN: 978-0979493126
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