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Mercedes is losing hold of the men in her life. Once Lil C decides he wants to help her and the other Pitbulls run Emerald City, he will not take no for an answer. He pushes the subject so much, their seemingly in tact relationship begins to falter. 

Yvette tries to maintain control of her relationship with Chris by not being in the relationship. When Chris makes an unexpected move, it causes her to question her feelings and her sexuality. Will being tough get her through an even tougher moment in her life?

Carissa has two loves. One makes her feel high and the other makes her crazy for him. But when she discovers that their private sex life is not so private, she questions who he really is and what he really wants.

Kenyetta was never able to fully recover over the loss of Dyson and because of it, she meets another man who may not be the best choice. And when she betrays her friends she realizes life is more difficult than she can deal with and feels she needs an out.

Lil C grows up quickly in this novel and he thinks he has it all figured out. But a threat he made to Tamir, of the Black Water Klan, causes him to grow up even faster. When an offer is placed on the table to be the drug dealer outside of Emerald, he battles with whether he'll accept and before long realizes he's also in a serious battle for his life.

Pitbulls in A Skirt 3 is the most explosive yet!

Pitbulls In A Skirt 3 by Mikal Malone

$15.00 Regular Price
$10.00Sale Price
  • ISBN: 978-0984303007
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