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Miss this book at your own expense!

When a mysterious broken down van shows up in front of the Hartwell’s apartment building in Washington DC, they have no idea that a vicious crime inside would steer them on an emotional, violent, heart wrenching journey that would damage their family forever.

And then there’s Amina Hartwell, a selfish, sneaky and irresponsible teenager who when forced away from her friends, and carted off to another city, acts out in ways that rock her world.

Her antics cause more problems than a little for Pam, her emotionally overworked mother who is struggling to keep their heads above water financially and mentally.

After living in a motel for weeks, and finding a half burned home in the gritty streets of Baltimore, Pam has no idea that they have inherited the souls, secrets and drama the dilapidated house holds.

But she’ll soon find out in the most unimaginable ways.

The House That Crack Built by Kim Medina

  • (ISBN - 978-1945240249)
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