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And they all lived happily ever after…Or do they?

Real life is not always a fairy tale and Amina quickly finds out as she tries to keep her family together. Newlywed, mother to a beautiful little girl and a college student, she does all she can to keep things running smoothly. But when her husband and child are involved in a violent crime that threatens their safety, everything falls apart.

Following in her sister’s footsteps, Tamika is also a newlywed to Reggie, her knight and shining thug. Her marriage seems to be a dream until Gina, Reggie’s long lost mother, returns with her secrets, habits and drama. Although Tamika can see right through Gina’s lies, her husband is not so smart when it comes to his mother and is easily manipulated. Before long, he’s forced to choose and his choices cause more drama than not.

“The House That Crack Built 2” is the knock out follow up to its predecessor and a guaranteed treat for THTCB fans!

The House That Crack Built 2 by Kim Medina

  • (ISBN) 978-1945240898
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