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(ISBN - 978-1945240904)

Silence of The Nine 3 by T. Styles


    More taboo anyone?

    Well here comes mother!

    After being freed from a lifetime of mental, psychological and sexual abuse under the mansion at Aristocrat Hills, Nine Prophet realizes being free comes at a cost. When someone needs help, she lends a hand. When someone needs rescue, she throws on her cape. All against her husband Leaf Prophet s wishes placing their romance in severe jeopardy.

    Tension continues to rise when Nine brings additional Prophets into the mansion, who bring with them their own dark secrets and motives. As if this isn t enough, Nine convinces herself to allow Kelly Prophet, her jealous mother, back into the home along with Isabel, her demented and psychopathic cousin, who were both recently released from a mental institution.

    Although Leaf pleads with her to be weary of Kelly s evil ways, in search of motherly love, Nine ignores his warning and before long all hell breaks loose.
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