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(ISBN - 978-1948373333)




Although Banks left Wales Island, he didn’t return the same. Tiring of being Mr. Responsible, he embraces the persona of the Bad Guy with extreme ease.

Unfortunately for him, now that he’s back in America, he brought with him an unwanted connection with a mysterious Latin Kingpin.

The plan was to settle down, work on legal business ventures and pursue a secret relationship with the new lady in his life. But everything was on hold when Mr. Bolero put him, his family, and the Louisville’s in a situation they couldn’t refuse.

Had it been business as usual, he could have handled his street trials better. But what do you do when the relationships around you collapse and burst into flames?

Despite being divorced, Bet fights tooth, foot, and nail to win him back. While Mason seduces him into darkness, by reminding him that dope boys have more fun. And then there’s Nidia, who dispatched the beautiful ones to do her dirty work.

War 5: Karma, explodes with drama. And when you get to the end, you will be blown away.

War 5: Karma by T. Styles

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