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If the past dictates the future, this family is in trouble… 

Born into modern day slavery within a hidden mansion in Texas, Zoe Xavier gave birth to three children before the age of sixteen. To keep the peace she does her best to please the man who holds the power, while taking care to avoid his jealous, manipulative, barren, wife.

Under tyranny daily, her world is further disrupted after a wicked request from an outsider threatens her children. Zoe knows she must flee from Xavier Estates but where do you go when you’ve never been free?

Forced to make a difficult decision after witnessing her daughter being brutally assaulted, she makes a bold move that lands her on the worst block in Baltimore City.

Now she meets another powerful man and must adapt—Kennard Black, a drug dealer on the come up. Using the past to enhance the future before long, Zoe learns what it feels like to dominate those far weaker. With time she unknowingly develops evil characteristics hidden within her personality that reveal to all those around that she’s a monster.

Nefarious delivers on everything its title promises…an evil, immoral, criminal and wicked drama.

Nefarious by T. Styles

  • (ISBN 978-0996209915)
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