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Miss Wayne from the Essence Best Selling novel Black and Ugly and Black & Ugly as Ever returns in this standalone spin-off!

When Miss Daffany's mother's risky lifestyle finally catches up with her, they all come back from LA, to Washington DC for her funeral. Once in town, Miss Wayne hooks up with his fabulous male friends and decides he misses home.

Both Parade and Daffany fear he might want to stay in DC and their suspicions are correct when he doesn't come back with them. With the Queens of DC, he can wear flashy clothes, live the glamorous and be around people like him. But when the novelty wears off, he realizes that there's a reason he never fully embraced his alternative lifestyle. But it's too late and he becomes a victim of the company he keeps.

Murder. Hate. Revenge. All find places in his world and soon the life of those he cares about become endangered.

Miss Wayne & The Queens of DC is a fast paced, funny, heartfelt story. You'll enjoy flashbacks of his life growing up with Parade, Daffany and Sky and see how he grew to become the diva his is today.

But, will he survive?

Miss Wayne & The Queens of DC by T. Styles (LGBTQ+)

  • ISBN: 978-0982391341
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