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(ISBN 978-1948373913) 



On the dark streets of Washington DC at fifteen years old, Felicio King's journey begins. Abandoned by her own father, she was tossed out into the wild, where survival became her only priority.

Burdened by the scars of her past, years later she found refuge in the companionship of her chosen family—a close group of street-savvy allies.

But when an unpredicted storm named April rolls into Felicio's life, her fragile foundation is shattered. April, with her own hidden agenda, lusts for power and control, and is willing to destroy anyone who stands in her way.

Forced to leave her hard-won sanctuary behind, Felicio faces the challenge of rebuilding her life, with the help of her ride-or-die companion, Chanel. However, as fate would have it, April's rejection turned to hate, refuses to relinquish its grip on Felicio's happiness, unleashing a relentless campaign of destruction at every turn.

In King Dom, Felicio's back is slammed up against the wall, will she break free from the suffocating grip life holds her in, again? Or will she finally succumb to the brutal reality of street life, forever lost in the shadows?

Strap up, you’re in for a bumpy, thrilling ride.

King Dom by C. Wash (LGBTQ+)

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