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Hoetic Justice - Can A Man Really Love Two Women?

Meet Devin, an established hustler who married his beautiful wife, Rain. He works overtime to help her pursue her dreams and in return she cooks, cleans and sexes him the right way. From the outside their marriage appears ideal but there's one problem. Devin is bored. Devin's needs are met when Clever, the side chick, enters the picture and makes it her mission to pick up Rain's slack.

Devin awards her for how she handled the relationship by blessing her with enough money to take care of her needs. When an event occurs which forces Devin to choose sides Clever does not like the outcome. The devastation forces her into depression until her OG aunt comes up with a plan that offers Clever satisfaction and some Hoetic Justice.

Hoetic Justice by Shay Hunter

  • ISBN: 978-0996099295
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