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Behold A New King Of Street Lit Has Arrived! 

Vida comes back with fury when her newlywed husband Moe-Moe is shot in a high-speed car chase. Overcome with grief and anger, she's emotionally emptied like the clip from the gun she used to get him away to safety. As Vida, Tia and Bloody think of their next move, Styles plan his revenge on Vida for being wrongfully accused of kidnapping Moe. And he doesn't care whom he has to smoke to get satisfaction. But, he's in for a fight.

The promises. The disappointment. The deaths. All leave Vida reckless.

Hell Razor Honey's 2 brings back the old and introduces the new in this blazing novel that will not disappoint.

Hell Razor Honeys 2 by Eyone Williams

$15.00 Regular Price
$10.00Sale Price
  • ISBN: 978-0982391358
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