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This title will release on March 30, 2024 and will ship on or before April 15, 2024. 


(ISBN 978-1948373937) 




The stakes are higher than ever for billionaire Banks Wales, head of a powerful family, and his best friend Mason Louisville. When faced with a ruthless demand for $15 million, Banks and Mason are plunged into a perilous chase to expose the adversary threatening their legacy.


In the wake of his twin brother's tragic end by his own hand, the family is unraveling because Walid Wales is in a tailspin, grappling with the ghost of his brother's memory. His attempts to drown his pain in alcohol and the distraction of a new nightclub falter, confronting him with his unresolved struggles.


The family's unity is on the brink due to a concealed truth. Mason's illicit romance with Blakslee, Banks' daughter, hovers on the edge of revelation. Her pregnancy, and repeated threats to disclose him, risk igniting a scandal that could dismantle the family's core and sever Mason's bond with Banks.


Escalating the saga, a brewing conflict between Riot Wales and Patrick Louisville stirs up old feuds, reminiscent of the discord that once shattered the family's peace.


“From Men to Monsters” intertwines the riveting tale of a dynasty at battle, not only with external foes but also within its ranks, as an even greater enemy gains strength.

From Men To Monsters: A Wales & Louisville Saga (War 17) by T. Styles

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