T. Styles Presents, "It'll Cost You" Complete Series DVD

(DVD) It'll Cost You - Web Series

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  • You’ve never seen a side chick movie like this…

    Mentally abused by her ex-husband, Fiona Carrington vows to never fall in love again. Years later, with millions at her disposal, she uses her sex game and money to keep men in line, including Taz Berkley, an attractive ex-convict turned business owner.
    Preferring a new man each month, Fiona eventually drops her sexual appetite and boy-toys opting to lavish Taz with her paper and exclusive attention— minus any emotional connection of course.
    Things run well in her world until Lisa, the proclaimed side chick, manages to steal Taz from under Fiona’s diamond bezel necklace. With Taz under her sexual spell, before long Lisa earns the words every woman wants to hear.
    But if she thinks the crazy Fiona Carrington will stand idly by, she has another thing coming. Lisa has no idea the torment Fiona has in store for her but she will soon find out.
    It’ll Cost You is the first movie under the Twisted Tales Collection by T. Styles.

    You’re in for a bloody, crazy ride.