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Opposites really do attract but so do mayhem, murder and sex. 

After Jamal Shield, aka Preacher (Leo Sullivan), a notorious young B-More gangster, is sentenced to life in prison for multiple crimes, including an armored Brinks truck heist for a cool 5.2 million, he is surprised when he is released from prison. All he wants to do is be with his family and start a new life but there is one problem...he is charged with protecting a beautiful whore.

Lourdes Beaumont (T. Styles), a prostitute from Houston, Texas, always dreamed of having a legit life. She tried to pursue that dream by building her cosmetics business but she found that the men who could help her want her for one thing, her body.

When she witnesses the murder of a teenager at a high school, by the daughter of a notorious drug dealer, she is taken to Baltimore where Jamal is charged with keeping her alive. When you are as emotional and high-strung as she is, this act is easier said than done. Jamal resents having to protect Lourdes, especially when the demons from his past and the goons from hers attempt to hunt them both down.

Who would have thought that through the bloodshed and bullets that they could find true love? But it means nothing if they do not survive.

Crazy Kind of Love by T. Styles & Leo Sullivan

  • ISBN: 978-0989790130
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