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(ISBN) 978-0996209939

Clown Niggas by T. Styles

  • Synopsis:

    When Amelia Rios, a young Latina with a serious crack addiction meets the love of her life, Wyld Heart, she has no idea that it’s the wrong time. Because when the self-made kingpin makes the foolish mistake of ridiculing his cousin, Ryan Heart, in public, this careless act sets off a series of incidents so violent it unearths secrets hidden within the Heart Family, forcing Amelia to relive the reckless behavior she successfully escaped.

    Despite Spyrits, pleas for Wyld to make amends with Ryan immediately, he doesn’t heed the warning, which turns out to be the costliest error in his life.

    Tiring of the perceived disrespect from Wyld, Ryan operates in the world as if it owes him knocking over anyone who gets in the way, blood related or not.

    Greed, secrets and drama are packed in this novel guaranteed to have you laughing, guessing and yelling as T. Styles introduces the worst villain she’s created since Kali.
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