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Parade Knight finally gets what she wants, a man of her own, despite hating her own dark skin. But as the nights grow longer and her sexual encounters become more frequent with her fiance' Smokes, she wonders why she still can't seem to get her old flame, Jay Hernandez off her mind. 

Faced with choosing between the man who proposed and the man she loves, she doesn't see a set-up coming, but it may be too late.

Daffany's heart is heavy as she battles with the disease that haunts her body, and the poison she places in her blood. But when she's unable to afford her drug of choice, she's given a cheap alternative and it takes her on an all time high.

Miss Wayne's colorful antics go to the next level as he fights to keep their friendship together. But when it becomes apparent that he's all alone in his efforts, he wonders if they'll ever be the same.

Black & Ugly As Ever is a warm street tale with a coldhearted truth. That if you don't pick yourself up when you fall, you'll be a doormat for others. You'll laugh, cry and feel a part of these childhood friends lives as they dodge danger to keep things together.

This beautiful sequel has finally arrived!

Black and Ugly As Ever by T. Styles

  • ISBN: 978-0979493164
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