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ISBN 978-1948373845




On the opening night of his restaurant, bad boy Tye Gates discovers a diary moments after being unfaithful to his fiancé'. Trying to identify its owner, he delves into the words of a woman who considers herself unattractive and worthy of physical and emotional abuse.


Before long he neglects his own life, which is already showing signs of weakness. Soon, reading the diary becomes the perfect excuse to escape his responsibilities. Besides, the ugly girl’s life appears way more explosive than his own.




When his abandonment starts to affect his relationship, mother and sister, his secrets come to light which may place his family in harm’s way.


An Ugly Girl’s Diary is classic T. Styles!


Enjoy a drama-filled tale which weaves two stories into one while you take an addictive ride.


An Ugly Girl's Diary by T. Styles

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