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Kelsi is more vicious than ever, as he returns in this gripping tale second only to the original, A Hustler's Son!

A few months after receiving what was said to be his mother's bloody heart on Christmas Day, Kelsi seeks revenge on those he feels are responsible for her brutal murder.

Believing that the culprits are in New York, Kelsi takes only a back pack and a heart full of hate as he bum rushes the city on the search for Kyope and Jarvis. He's so dead set on revenge, that he doesn't realize he's being set up by those he trusts. And by the time it finally comes to past, he's already waist deep.

Just when you thought it was all over, a revelation so real is born, that this finale will leave you breathless!

A Hustler's Son 2 by T. Styles

  • ISBN: 978-0979493157
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