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Did Urban Fiction Publishers Change After The Fall Of Triple Crown Publications?

There aren’t many readers who remember Triple

Crown Publications days. But those of us who were there, owe our careers to K’wan, Nikki Turner and Tushonda Whitaker. Trailblazers who put pen to paper for the sake of telling an honest story.

Since then, some things have changed.

For starters, the fight to have books finished quickly on the go became a norm. Gone were the writers who understood structure and were willing to examine the inner workings of the characters that they create.

And still, there are many up and coming authors who know what it takes to deliver structured stories that not only grab readers by the collars, but also keep them for the long haul.

So, have urban fiction publisher changed after the fall of Triple Crown Publications?

Yes. But in life everything changes.

And those who are still around evolve.

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